Welcome to Westwood church, a growing Anglican church on the south side of Coventry, next to Warwick University, Westwood Business Park and Cannon Park Shopping Centre.

Our mission is the transformation of Coventry through God's love.

At the heart of our church are missional communities, and our main Sunday meetings, Sunday Celebration at St Johns and family worship at Park Fellowship.

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Vision and Values

Our Vision is to be to be people who love Jesus and want to live our lives for him. We want to be a church based on our relationships, with God, each other, and with people who don’t know Jesus. (more...)

Our Values are

* Grace

That we know how wide and deep God’s love is, and how rich is his generosity, and his love and provision for our needs. (more...)

* Covenant

That we know how far God’s commitment to us goes, and how strong his love and friendship is. (more...)

* Kingdom

That we are looking for breakthrough of God’s Kingdom in Jesus. We are expecting the establishment of his reign and rule, transforming individuals and communities. (more...)
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30 08 2015 KISS 2: 10 of 10 - Meaningless to Satisfied; Sarah Ashelby

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23 08 2015 KISS 2: 9 of 10 - Stuck to Moving On; Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8; Jerry Marshall

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16 08 2015 KISS 2: 8 of 10 - Drifting to Focused; Deuteronomy 6: 4-12; Mike Knight

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